Arohan Inc was formed by four professionals who wanted to work on and solve problems that impact masses and society at large. They believed Education and Skilling of professionals is one such area that needed intervention. Having been professionals and learners themselves they knew the challenges as well as were aware of the wish list of a career centered professional. This led them to the idea of a Training Exchange.

Being professionals and careerists , all of us take training either by choice or by being forced to take it due to environmental factors. Skilling, improving oneself either through experience or training has become an essential need in today's fast paced world.

Further as we professionals accumulate and grow our experience, we believe that its imperative on us to give it back. To give it back to people who need it. We learnt skills from someone in the past and by giving it back we help keep alight the lamp of knowledge and learning. We wish to help others follow the path to their aspirations.

However the challenge remains, how do we connect A Trainer/Potential Trainer and a Trainee or A Teacher/Potential Teacher and a pupil.. And if we were to go a step further, how do we connect the best trainers in this world with the knowledge hungry pupils located in any corner of the world?

That is what led to the concept of a Training Exchange ! An Exchange where knowledge and skills pass hands, Knowledge and Skills are the currency of exchange..

It is a platform that aspires to be inclusive, that brings the best trainers in this world few clicks away from a potential learner located in any corner of this world.